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How can you improve your Weight Management by studying its Genes

How can you improve your Weight Management by studying its Genes

Studies have taken us to a different level of analysis of disease. There are proven cases wherein study of the genetic information and its association with proper management of nutrition and diet is the only successful means for a healthy fit body. Identifying the genetic predisposition of an individual can be of great help in planning a healthy diet. Thus, there are fewer chances of worrying about a healthy fit body.

Where can I get the test done?

Your genes can help you in providing guidance! DNA labs, India offers excellent genetic testing for weight management. Moreover, there are even increased success rates in the aspect of a patient who is suffering from improper weight management. We have centres all over India available for patient-friendly genetic tests to be performed.

What is analysed here?

Genes respective to the nutrient absorption, activation of nutrients and intestinal protein vitamin receptor complex are included in the study. Sample submitted to DNA labs is processed and analysed through various scientific technologies by our distinct laboratory. The results obtained are always kept confidential and our specialised team members are always on the floor in giving detailed information regarding the personalized report obtained. 

Why should you do this test?

We are the result of complex interactions of genes. By performing this test, one can be aware of the predisposed genetic risks thereby helping in managing your health for leading a healthy life ahead.

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