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Paternity DNA Test in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

Paternity DNA Test in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

DNA Test Name Test Price
Paternity DNA Test 13000 Rs
Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test 13000 Rs
Paternity 1 Father 2 Children DNA Test 19500 Rs

Paternity Nails/ Hair DNA Test

20000 Rs

Swab Self Collection Kit  1000 Rs
Address line 1: 16, Himmat Ganj, Prayagraj , Uttar Pradesh 211001
CITY: Prayagraj
STATE: Uttar Pradesh


Test type Father Child DNA Test
Pre-test Information Relationship DNA Test can be used as evidence in court cases. Mutual consent mandatory.
Report Delivery 10 Days
Components For Establishing Paternity / Kinship / Lineage studies
Price ₹ 13000
Method Relationship DNA Test

Mobile Number: (011)40849842

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